Volunteer as an Official

Parasport programs in Nova Scotia cannot run without officials! Whether you’re a referee, event volunteer, timer, or one of the many other Official roles in one of the various sports, Officials are an essential part of Parasport’s in Nova Scotia! New officials don’t need to have a disability, or have played the sport before – many Officials come from backgrounds in similar sports (ex. Wheelchair Basketball from Basketball), or none at all. The most important thing is having the right attitude, and being open to learning about the sport and getting involved!

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a Parasport Official, contact the corresponding contact for each of the sports below. Unsure what sport or what capacity you want/can help out with, but still want to get involved? Contact parasport@sportnovascotia.ca to discuss options.


Kirsten Tibert – takepart@easterseals.ns.ca

Challenger Baseball

Randy Crouse – randy.crouse@hotmail.com


Kirsten Tibert – takepart@easterseals.ns.ca


Peter Parsons – parsons.pete@gmail.com

Para Archery

Ian Carew – icarew@sportnovascotia.ca

Para Athletics

Anitra Stevens – athletics@sportnovascotia.ca


Robin Thomsonrobin@adckc.ca

Para Equestrian

Heather Myrernsef@sportnovascotia.ca

Para Rowing

Ian Carew – icarew@sportnovascotia.ca

Para Sailing

Jay Everett – sailablens@gmail.com

Para Swimming

Bette El-Hawary – swimming@sportnovascotia.ca

Wheelchair Basketball

Cher Smith – nswheelchairbasketball@gmail.com

Wheelchair Tennis

Marijke Nel – mnel@sportnovascotia.ca

Alpine Skiing

Andrew Hayes – alpinens@sportnovascotia.ca

Blind Hockey

Jeff Stewart – nsblindhockey@gmail.com

Para Nordic

Lauren Muzak Ruff – lmuzakruff@sportnovascotia.ca

Para Hockey

Brad Taylor – btaylor@hockeynovascotia.ca

Para Snowboard

Andrew Hayes – alpinens@sportnovascotia.ca

Para Table Tennis

John MacPherson – johnsmacpherson@hotmail.com

Sitting Volleyball

Jason Trepanier – vns@sportnovascotia.ca

Wheelchair Curling

Laughie Rutt – curlingwheelchair@gmail.com