What is Boccia?  Boccia is a sport that can be played year round, indoors, by all ages.  Currently recreational opportunities for adults are available in Nova Scotia.  Boccia is a Paralympic sport that can be played by anyone, with or without a disability. Boccia is played indoors, on a court that is similar in size to a badminton court.  Boccia is a co-ed sport of control and accuracy, similar to curling or lawn bowling. Games last four or six ends. Players propel balls towards the target or “jack” ball. Each side has six balls (red or blue) per end to try and score points. The closest side to the target ball when all the balls have been played, scores. If you can't throw the ball, you can roll it or kick it. If a player cannot roll the ball or hit it with the foot, they can use a ramp.
Required equipment includes Boccia balls, ramps, and pointers.

Individual Program Information

Central Region
Easter Seals – Northwood
Halifax YMCA
South Shore Region
Easter Seals – Yarmouth
Fundy Region
Village of Bible Hill

For more information, contact:
 902-425-5450 x 375