Blind Hockey

The Parasport of Blind Hockey is a variation of ice hockey for athletes of all ages who are blind or partially sighted.  It is a sport that is played in the winter, with both recreational and competitive opportunities available in Nova Scotia. 
The sport uses some modified rules and equipment compared to Ice Hockey including:
The puck is three times larger, made of metal, and makes noise.
The nets are three feet tall instead of four feet tall.
A pass is needed after passing the blue line before shooting.  A pass whistle indicates to the offensive players that they may attempt to score, and at the same time letting the defensive players and goalies know a shot may be coming.
Blind Hockey is currently offered in Halifax at the Shearwater Arena through the Nova Scotia See Kings.

Individual Program Information

Central Region
Nova Scotia See Kings

For more information, contact: 
Jeff Stewart
Nova Scotia See Kings